Monday, January 10, 2005

First New Year's resolution scuppered

I have already broken one of my New Year's resolutions this weekend by organizing something. As I realized that to say no to social invitations would probably require more will-power than I possess, I decided to just stop organizing things myself, which would probably save me say one hour a week. Hey! One hour is enough to do one more experiment a week (or post one more entry in this website...) And my PhD deadline is looming...

But since my friend Mafalda is visiting, I decided I might as well rope other people in to whatever we would be doing. Hence, some serious organizing was involved and did not increase even more because Mafalda obligingly got the flu thus restricting our activities (somewhat). So coffee at Monmouth's and Borough Food Market Saturday afternoon with Henry and Barry, drink in Leicester Sq with birthday boy Chris, dinner in Busaba Eathai and then on to Brixton to meet more friends at the Hobgoblin (pics coming up soon). All highly recommended!
Sunday had a now obligatory pancake brunch and it is true that adding buttermilk to the batter makes pancakes better. Try it! And then a very good Yoga class (which I will not advertise as I don't want it filling up even more). And then dinner with Barry's apple crumble as dessert. Yum!

Yoga, good food and ginger tea combined have made Mafalda better so the week looks to be even more hectic, with organizing involved for all days until Friday... This New Year's resolution is proving hard to keep!


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