Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Hairy Biker's Cookbook

This should be worth watching. I'll be in a Capoeira lesson at the time hopefully, so let me know how it was!
On BBC2 at 8pm:

Two unlikely Northern lads hit the road in search of culinary experience and cultural adventure. On this trip the boys mount their bikes and ride the length of Portugal, the birthplace of fusion food.With the same spirit of exploration as the Portuguese adventurers who enriched the world's cuisine by bringing chilies back from South America, taking Tempura to Japan, and Vindaloo to India, Si and Dave set out to bring home the best of Portuguese cookery and culture to the eager crowd at their local boat club on Roa Island.Their voyage of discovery will find them tickling trout in a flooding river, cooking on the deck of a hundred-year-old port boat, bobbing in rubber rings on the Algarve, and feasting on traditional Portuguese fare as they overlook the sandy shores of the Atlantic.


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