Sunday, January 23, 2005

Saturday on the surreal side and a slightly imbalanced Sunday

Nice weekend.
Had a slightly surreal Saturday, starting off on the right foot at 5pm (weekend, ok?) with David Lynch's 'Wild at Heart':

Not half the experience watching it on dvd as on the big screen, but always worth it anyway, and definitely still one of my favourite films of all time!

Then went on to a birthday party that was in a club in the cellar of a church. The party was also in aid of the tsunami appeal and organized by an international group which is composed of young people whose aim is to find ways to unite different cultures, races, etc. At least that's what I understood. To raise money they were holding an auction of unwanted christmas gifts. This doesn't sound that surreal, but the fact was that this whole thing seemed completely out of place in the cynical, modern, consumerist and fast-paced city that's London.

Ended the night by telling my friends how the birthday-girl, who's a friend of mine met another friend of mine in a village in the middle of Ethiopia. I have never been to Ethiopia and have no connection to it whatsoever. But one of my friends was there researching malaria, the other was there on holiday, they both were by chance in this tiny village, started talking, found out they both knew me and that was the only connection they had! This seriously freaked me out when I first heard about it, but I then remembered how often this kind of things happen. Which leads me to a little thought of mine:

- meeting people for the first time is easy, and you'll always meet nice, interesting people for the first time.

-meeting up with people for the second time, now that's the difficult thing - it requires a big effort on your part!

But that's not a reason for not doing it! Chance encounters happen all the time. People making an effort to keep in touch is the rare and valuable thing.

On to Sunday:

This was one of the rare days in which I managed to draw almost a full card on all the little essential things you do to live life:

I went to the hairdresser (girlfriends don't faint, it looks almost exactly the same, don't know waht all the fuss is about anyway), had a brisk one-hour walk home with some food-shopping on the way, vaccumed my bedroom floor, put some clothes in the wash, came in to work for a couple of hours and then saw a bollywood dvd with some friends with a nice dinner added on.

And if you're one of those people who find it easy to balance all these different components of life on a daily basis, get out of here, you don't belong on this planet!

The imbalance was caused by my getting some unusually good results at work during those two hours. Seems a shame almost to spoil what would have been an almost perfect average day..

But hey! At least the imbalance was on the positive side...


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