Tuesday, January 04, 2005

update bits and bobs

I have now changed my blog so that anyone can leave comments without having to open an account. This was ridiculous - sorry, I just realized today that people had to do this! Thanks, Ana! But please leave some kind of name that allows me to know who's leaving the comment. And I promise I won't tell anyone...

New Year's was wonderful with loads of good dancing and interesting chats and what with the costumes getting better and better with which themed party. I was severely annoyed with myself for being too tired to enjoy it properly and having to leave at an indecently early hour. I still think that getting up at 6.30 after 5 hours sleep, one plane flight, one commute from airport with heavy luggage and a 1hour tube trip to the party is not enough to excuse my body for NOT KEEPING UP! On the plus side I did manage to get up early enough on New Year's day to take up my housemate's Struan offer of his football ticket, as he was too sick to go. So started 2005 on a true football note with my first English football game. Might comment a bit more on that later on! Of course after the game it was a cosy pub - The Goldhawk -and the dinner. And that was the 1st day of the year done and dusted. Hmmm... On the 2nd managed to come in to work for a bit and then met up with my lovely friend Edwina, her equally lovely friend Marie (sorry guys, no pics) and Andy Wong at the Queen's Head. Still think one of the best pubs in London and the waiters are only snobbish at certain times (and if thet're male only with men) so not too bad. On the 3rd was feeling very virtuous about coming into work only to find that half of my workmates had also come in.. So no brownie points for me there. But at least I eased myself into my first day of work.

New photos on http://groups.msn.com/dream-princess/photoalbum
but still need more so send them to me!

And for of those of you in Great Britain, may you survive this first day back at the grind. Don't actually try and do any work - surviving is already a big accomplishment!


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