Sunday, February 20, 2005

Mood of the day

Election day in Portugal and so I flew over to vote, as after hearing the horror stories about the Portuguese embassy in London decided it wasn't worth it to try and register there.

Predictably, after buying the ticket, invitations for things in London this weekend started showering in. Last count, I had three parties to go to on Saturday (at least I got out of deciding which one to go to - but then they were all close to each other..damn), a possible dim-sum lunch on Sunday and an advertising class on Monday (more about this little bit of news some other time).

But my sense of civic duty soon reasserted itself after getting the whole Portuguese experience, namely:

-brilliant sunny day and a night that wasn't cold ( when I left London it was snowing)

-meeting a friend by chance on the street and getting breakfast and an invite to the first night of Fantasporto as consequence

-portuguese toast

-travel on a punctual, clean, airy train that only cost 1.80€

- etc, etc.

However... have to get back to my PhD!!!! And to all those London parties...


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