Friday, February 25, 2005

Portuguese landscape

Today, in the north of Portugal

For those who know it, there's no doubt that Portuguese landscape is beautiful. But I was talking with one of my housemates about what are the defining characteristics of Portugal and the Portuguese. I have selected what I believe to be the true statements from the last list to circulate on the Internet. Do British people exchange lists as well on what it is to be British?

' To be Portuguese is to:

- Take chicken with rice to the beach for lunch

- Have had the last great military victory in 1385

- Drive like a maniac knowing that nobody cares

- Leading the most relaxed lifestyle in Europe although being the last in all economic lists

- Be able to buy cigarettes and alcohol at ridiculous prices

- Blink the headlights to warn other drivers if there are police cars ahead

- Have the rest of the world thinking your country is a province of Spain

- Go every weekend to the village to visit your grandparents

- Have the children baptized and sending them to Sunday School but never go to church

- Not be racist at all (except with the gypsies)

- Have a moustache and be short

- Always drive on the fast lane

- Super-bock (beer) and tremocos (a kind of beans that are eaten like olives)

- Break the law three times in every 5 seconds you drive

- Go to the beach in August'


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