Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What to do after I finish my PhD..

If I ever do, of course..


a) Deadline for submission and end of studentship is October - so I will have to start earning money somewhere else

b) I am nowhere near close to deciding what to do

c) You don't post any comments

So... you help me decide what to do! Ideally I would have a voting section as created by Chainsaw Joe (http://www.chainsawjoe.com/). But C.J is too busy to help me at the moment, so you will just have to post your opinion on the comments section!

So here are the options:

The change of career

I don't properly have a career at the moment of course. But this would be where I would leave science and go on to something completely different. I had thought maybe career advising (ha!ha!), events management, teaching and more wild and unsuitable stuff for which I'm obviously NOT trained. Suggestions for other things to do welcome! This would also mean that I would probably stay on in London.

Return to the roots

This would mean that I would try as hard as I could to get a job in Portugal. Highly unlikely that I could, but if managed I would finally be able to go back to having a nice lifestyle and eating decent food.

The cushy career

Where I would try to get a post-doc in Brazil. There is actually a lab there that works in my field. I think the pros and cons are obvious here.

The high-profile career

Where I would try to get a post-doc in a good European lab that produces lots of papers (the measure of academic success at the moment), and where wveryone works in the weekends. Places considered - Paris, Dublin...

So... Let me know what you think! No need to identify yourselves, but if you do I will be less likely to disregard your advice..


At 1:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Defentelly a hight profile career


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