Thursday, March 31, 2005

Unfocused Science

Am in Portugal at the moment and in a bit of a haze due to the sun having finally come out (and with a vengeance!) and also having to deal with several burocratic issues (which I can only handle by going into a semi-hypnotic state).
Still in the midst of all this have picked up a book by Roger Penrose at my father's house that I´ve been meaning to read for ages and have managed to leaf through the first pages.

And this prodded my memory onto two things:
a) Two fondly remembered brunch debates with Edwina, Alex and Noah - alas, little chance of some new ones until I finish my PhD...
b) my initial idea that this blog should have a sort of Science Cafe section to debate science questions.

So, since those two brunch debates were left unfinished due to time and friendship constraints, I thought I'd reintroduce these two issues here. For you to comment, either in the post a comment or in the Greetz sections.

1 - Is Mathematics real?

2 - The concept of mental health - revolving around the question if extremely selfish people are by definition mentally unhealthy.

Will give my own ideas and expand on this in the next post. Meanwhile feel free to start adding any thoughts you might have on these two themes!


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