Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fairly busy weekend. Went to see a bit of the 'Stunt Dance' show at the RFH. Mixed feelings about the workshops. It was absolutely great seeing the all the kids there really enjoying themselves, and generally doing better than adults. Why do you suddenly become afraid of doing a back flip when you grow up? On the other hand, you can't really do a martial arts workshop properly when you're in a crowded space full of children. Special FX show was all right, but left me more convinced than ever that I'm really priviliged to be doing Capoeira and seeing better acrobatics than those on a weekly basis.

Managed to hear all about Noah's Elle McPherson story as well and everything is now clear. (to me ;))

Saturday evening was Aroon's and Sruti's birthday party. Lots of dancing and catching up at Fuel. Plus all those great multicultural conversations you can only have in London - I remember job differences between Portugal and England and also Singaporean menĀ“s gym obsession, amongst others.

But the highlight of this weekend was definitely Jonathon Ross's interview with Robert Downey Jr. (picture above). Don't know if I should be just happy that such a sexy, intelligent, funny, cool (etc ) man exists or incredibly frustrated that I will never get to meet him. Considering his past history though, maybe he's best admired from afar so I will settle for the first option. Although, if you consider Noah has met Elle McPherson, you never know...


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