Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Busy, busy jungian days

Lovely, calorie-consuming weekend with a capoeira roda on Friday followed by a club that I thought was so good that I'm not even going to advertise it. Met some friends on the bus home - wasn't suprised as I was sort of expecting to find them. Significant coincidence?

Saturday afternoon rode a bike for the first time in several years, managed not to cause too much damage to myself or others and it was a good ride to Paddington along the canal and back.

Saturday night birthday party at the Dogstar, another possibly significant coincidence meeting and lots of very calorie-consuming debates. I think we managed to cover almost all of debatable science issues in one night.

Sunday slept all day, of course.

Monday another jungian day with a conversation about fractals, Jackson Pollock and elephants that paint and with my advertising class in the evening. Plus all the work in the middle. Yesterday and today were again those days when you spend all your day running around seemingly just to stay in the same place.

Speaking of which, have to go register for a conference in Vienna. Anyone interested in joining me there for the second weekend in June?


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