Wednesday, May 18, 2005

campaign against sadistic English weather-people

They used to start by zooming in on the Iberian Peninsula, cloud-free and with high temperatures in Portugal and Spain and only then zoom to the British Isles covered in gloom. It seemed to get better for a while, with English weather-people starting off by showing Great Britain. But yesterday evening, the weather-man actually started off by SAYING: "Brilliant hot weather in Portugal with highs of 20, in England, however, it was quite cold...". What is this?!
Why should you start a national weather program with how the weather is in another country? Do the weather-people want to depress us even more? It would be funny if Portuguese weather-people started the program by saying: " In Great Britain it is drizzling and grey with highs of 5 degrees" before turning with a snigger to the weather in Portugal : "But here it is sunny, with clear blue skies and highs of 20". How about that?



At 12:32 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Eu sei o que é isso, ó se sei ...


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