Thursday, May 26, 2005

Quote of the day

"Nature loves diversity, society hates it"

This is actually part of the advertising for the 'middle sex' program on TV, but I thought it quite a nice little phrase that fits in with a small theme current running through at the moment. Reflected by:
-a (female) friend of mine complaining about how ugly her white skin was compared to mine, and me trying to convince her every skintone is beautiful.
-a sticker saying: "Against racial genocide", turned out it was for the British National Party, campaigning for preserving racial purity. In Kensal Rise, a very mixed community. What was it doing there? I toyed with the idea of peeling it of, because I thought it might make some of the people there feel sad (I felt more amused, really). Toyed with the idea of putting up something like 'inbreeding may cause mental retardation'. Decided to do neither, freedom of expression and all that, plus doesn't deserve the bother.
-this idea that females choose male partners based on the male's immune system being sufficiently different from the female's (from studies on a few mammal species, including humans).

I think this all adds up to the idea that most (but not all) of society around me seems to value diversity.

Any thoughts on this or whether this adds up to something else?


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