Friday, May 06, 2005

The road to hell...

My own personal cinema analysis... Some years ago it seemed to me that a trend started for films that debate concepts of reality, personal or social. This idea was helped by the me seeing 'Blade Runner', 'Clockwork Orange' and 'The Matrix' in one weekend. (Which also showed that the Matrix is just special effects, really). It then carried on with 'Vanilla Sky', 'Existenz' and that film with Michael Douglas about a game. And then 'Fight Club'. And 'Total Recall', I guess.
Now I have a feeling that a new trend might be starting: films about religion. 'Constantine' showed what would happen if the things the bible says were actually true, 'L'immortel' showed human gods and now 'Kingdom of Heaven' about the crusades. And they're making a film on the 'Da Vinci Code'. If anyone knows any more examples let me know - I haven't been going to the cinema a lot lately Most of this is influenced by how important having a different religion has become again for world politics, of course.
With the other (widely acknowledged) trend for documentaries, how long, do you think, before we see a documentary on religion?
And to show that now reality is mostly stranger than fiction (so no more need for films that give us alternative realities) the update on the State of Kansas vs Evolution story:

The evolution of a fight to the end
In Kansas, God and science are going toe to toe again
Empty chairs sit reserved for members of the Science Standards Writing Committee at the first day of hearings Thursday in Topeka. Mainstream scientific groups boycotted the hearings.

By Alex Johnson
Updated: 3:16 p.m. ET May 5, 2005

Hoping to avoid a bitter public showdown, defenders of the theory of evolution boycotted the first of four days of hearings Thursday over the science curriculum in Kansas, where members of the state Board of Education critical of the standard theory are considering changes to give more weight to creationist ideas.

Whole story here


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