Saturday, June 25, 2005

London days

So what's been happening?
I have been spending the last days sneezing and with itchy eyes and drowzy through the non-drowzy anti-histamines. After my drug-filled (this was discussion on legally-prescribed ones, mind) Vienna conference, am now seriously considering makinhg a systematic study of which brand has less side-effects on me, while still making me able to sort of walk around.
I still managed to fill up my last weekend with the discovery of a place near my house that does proper coffee and also a wonderful afogato. And then a beautiful hidden garden with water features and a tennis court. Shepherd's Bush, despite the dirt, is looking better and better.
Saturday night had to choose between three parties - Rita, Nuno and Vania were cunning enough to roll there birthday parties into one, thus leaving me no choice.
Sunday was Taste of London, and in case you might have erroneously thought by the name or blurb that this was strangely about food, it wasn't really but in true English spirit about drink instead. So with the red and white martinis,polish vodka, toffee vodka, cream vodka and grass vodka combining with the sun and the anti-histamines to induce me into a comatose state, I then proceeded to Darrin's barbecue. Which went mainly to show that if you want a quick and efficient barbecue ask an Australian.
Monday went to see 'The way to Heaven' at the Royal Court - worth it for the script.
Wednesday to Ronnie Scott's to see Regina Carter - keep an ear out for her if you like world/jazz fusion. Tuesday and Thursday Capoeira lessons. So on the whole I think these last 7days were truly representative of life in London.


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