Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mood of the past week

Definitely been running up and down a lot of roads these last10 days. But before the past, the future!

For those of you who are fans of the Institute of Contemporary Arts or of communication of Science to the public or just wonder what the hell I do all day (I know this last thought occurs to many of you) I am going to be at the ICA on Saturday 16th of July demonstrating genetic work to the public. There are a few interesting talks as well, all part of the initiative 'Talking Genes' which starts on the 4th of July. They say that the audience will be intelligent so as I am blessed with truly intelligent friends please show up and prove the organizers right.

And continuing on to the present: for those of you who thought they missed it, there's still a chance to see part of the 'onedotzero' exihibition at the ICA. Basically about digital images and fascinating.

Have now little time to talk about the past: Conference in Vienna showed me the enormous amount of money and thus power that drug companies deal with and in this case that there is no such thing as a paid lunch. Vienna itself was contradictory and not at all what I expected - definitely not German (not organized), not Mediterranean (not friendly), maybe Eastern European? (but with a rich downtown). The museums are definitely worth it though, and the coffee-shops as well but try and pick up some German beforehand.

Came back on Saturday evening and Sunday had a lovely, lovely wine-tasting belated birthday-party for Ana. Australian Barossa Valley is the way to go we say. On Monday I discovered that I had to have a poster ready by Tuesday evening and also confirmed that no one here has heard about last-minute cheap specialist printing. As the sight of Architecture and Graphic Design students printing work at midnight was a comfort throughout my studying nights in Porto, I felt a bit bereft.

Have also published a new piece on ContaNatura (Tuesday). For you Portuguese readers out there, check it out.


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