Friday, July 08, 2005

It's funny, although I was on the other side of London from where it all happened, the air felt really heavy. It wasn't thunder weather, and anyway I think maybe the feeling was more like it would be if you were on a planet like Jupiter, where the gravity is stronger.
It seemed like all the worry and confusion everyone was feeling, all the calls everyone was trying to make to their loved ones to check if they were ok and all the determination that kicked in right away to get back to normal as soon as possible created a web of emotions and seriousness that weighed the air down.
It's funny how much better the photos of my family and childhood friends and family summer house (where I spent most of my childhood holidays), sent by my cousin, made me feel so much better.
Well, thoughts on this:
-although I thought I wouldn't be affected at all, I still felt like taking the day off and doing something different today. I didn't do it, but maybe it would have been better. All you true Londoners out there, you definitely shouldn't be working today.
- I wonder how Bob Geldof must be feeling now - it seems like all the hard work on the Live8 must have gone down the drain.
- It's hard not to be impressed at how well the emergency services and hospitals are performing, if you think that six (was it six?) bombs have killed less than a 100 people. Something here must have worked.


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