Friday, July 29, 2005

Seu Jorge

If you aren't in the know, Seu Jorge was the one responsible for the David Bowie songs in Portuguese in 'The Life Aquatic'. He also played one of the characters in 'City of God'. He is absolutely fabulous, although more fun if you understand Portuguese, of course. You can listen to four of his songs here: Go to the link, click on "Brownswood Basement" under the Joining the Dots logo. This should open up a radio player, fast forward to 45mins. Worth listening to the comments afterwards as well! Here's the listing:

SEU JORGE LIVE IN SESSION - 11, Seu Jorge - 'Rebel Rebel' (Live In Session)12, Seu Jorge - 'Untitled' (Live In Session)13, Seu Jorge - 'Tive Razao' (Live In Session)14, Seu Jorge - 'Changes' (Live In Session)


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