Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So what's been happening?

Friday went to see Nuno's show at the lovely Hackney Empire - go and see a show there if you can. Nuno was great, and it was nice to see some Bob Fosse coreographies again.
Saturday was my day as a volunteer at the Genes Talking at the ICA. Went quite well on the whole with lots of people really wanting to know how all this works. Plus an interesting conversation with an American economist on how British science is funded.
Then on to Cambridge for another weekend of rich food and discussions. We managed to cover everything, from 'arroz de marisco' (seafood risotto) to the greeks' opinion on Macedonia. As Ricardo said, we managed to have more politics discussions these two days than the whole of last year. Which maybe is the way to go about finding things to do in Cambridge.
Monday my long-awaited rugby game was foiled by the weather. I was ready to shrug my shoulders about this until Mark pointed out to me that it ONLY rained during the time we were planning to play (about 45mins). I am now a bit annoyed as this is absolutely true. We're considering trying again on Friday, so be warned.


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