Thursday, October 13, 2005

New Dylan Moran joke?

You know that one where Dylan Moran talks about fellating a smurf... Actually not his funniest, I thought, but he ruffles his hair in that sexy way while saying it so it's still great.
Well, UNICEF has gone one better. Here's a link to the full ad that all the papers are talking about. Warning: this ad might shock anyone who uses to watch the smurfs as a child.

Hope you can open it!

Meanwhile, another long period without updating. Went for another climb at the Westway. Have been finishing lab work and trying to tidy three years worth of stuff. Am going to see one of my Capoeira teachers do extreme fighting on Saturday. And all of you, keep your fingers crossed for me on Wednesday! I now have to go and buy a suit, though. Am looking for one like Jackie Brown buys in the Quentin Tarantino film, just before everyone starts shooting their heads off. Any ideas of where I can get it?


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