Monday, October 24, 2005


So the main thing is how the interview on Wednesday went. With Sophia’s help I managed to find a suit close enough to the Jackie Brown one I wanted (in Zara, where I tried seven suits on). During the interview, I found out that no one there uses a suit, except when they have to talk to the authors of the reviews. Which knowing the way most scientists dress, is a bit of a laugh. The interview proper took about two hours, with questions about: the journal (I was applying for position of assistant editor, which is just correcting errors and rewriting), immunology, my CV and the usual personality stuff. They cross-examined me, i.e. asked the same question twice with some time in between and with slight modifications. They asked me the name of immunologists who had taught me seminars four years ago. They asked how much percent of my PhD left I had to write. They asked which was the latest issue of the journal I had read, and the name of the authors of the paper. Etc. They had a third person there solely to write down what I said. I found out later that most of them came to Elsevier after a few years post-doc and so are all scientists.
After the interview, I still had to do a 20min copy-editing test and then talk informally with the publisher and some other people who work there. I think the interview could have gone much better, but was all right. No idea about the level of the other candidates.
Am going to Portugal on Tuesday, and will find out there whether I have got it or not. So still don’t know if I’m coming back in one, two or several weeks time.
It is funny how your life can go from being quite structured to completely unknown in less than a week.


At 10:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maya, this has been my problem, during the last 12 months. 12 months.

I would bet you could see that coming ...

Good Luck


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