Friday, November 11, 2005

ego boost and ego letdown

Sometimes a funny thing happens that is worthwhile just for the novelty. This one provided a much needed ego boost as well. And a nice conversation while tidying my room and taking care of bits and bobs. So, my mobile rings and I answer - the guy on the other side, on hearing my voice, immediately realizes it's a mistake. (These mistaken calls are much more frequent here in Portugal for some reason). I ask him what number he intended to call but he says he's already spotted where the mistake was and hangs up. Five minutes later he calls again, saying he liked my voice and the way I spoke so much that he decided he couldn't leave it like that. Now, I have had compliments on my voice before, that it's sexy, sweet, etc, but none that provoked such a directed response. He then proceeded to spend two hours on the phone, paying me a lot more compliments in the process. Although some of them I put down to the fact that some guys have never talked to an intelligent, grown-up woman before and are therefore a bit overwhelmed by the discovery of such a species. I still find that strange considering how many intelligent, grown-up female friends I have, but I'm believing this theory more and more.

The ego letdown - I found out today that I didn't get the job in London I was interviewed for (Trends in Immunology Assistand Editor). I was expecting it anyway, but still a shame to find out that the Jackie Brown suit didn't work. My plans are now though, thankfully, a bit more defined. I am staying in Portugal until I sign the deeds to my house, which should be next week, and then going to London for a few weeks at least. Lots of parties and lots of analysis for my thesis waiting for me. And I will now start re-applying for jobs so maybe some work as well.

Brief update: the Seu Jorge concert was brilliant, his music sounds very different live than on CD. Plus, being in Portugal, he talked and sang a lot about the social problems that Brasil faces at the moment. He's also quite a good guitar player. The building - Casa da Musica, designed by Rem Koolhaas - I wasn't that impressed about.
The architects' party in my family house in Esposende turned out not to have as many architects as expected. Which was a great relief to all, specially to the architects. Also it was really international as the party boy works in Siza's office where architects from all over the world converge. And the plan for guys to take the food and girls the drinks worked really well with too much wonderful food and drink in true Portuguese spirit. Although my brother (who came up with the plan) bemoaned the lack of cocktails, specially since he didn't get to try my caipirinha, which was the only one.


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