Friday, December 09, 2005

beginning of update

Oh dear...
I think I set my personal record for longest time without updating - managed to keep it just under one month! Lots of things to do combined with little access to the net has left me with no opportunity. And now there is no hope of maintaining some kind of chronological sense on my update!

The main thing is that I seem to be living two completely separate lives at the moment - one in Portugal, where I am living in a 4-bedroom flat all by myself, but which has been basically a construction site until today. All my time is occupied with said refurbishments and all the paperwork associated with flat. The little free time I have is spent having meals with friends I have known for at least ten years. The other life is in London, where I split my time between trying to finish my PhD thesis and all the social events that happen there at this time of year. And I camp in friends' living-rooms. I was there for ten days in November and am going there for another eight tomorrow. The difference between these two sets of circumstances is unbelievable (don't forget the already huge difference that exists between living in Porto and London). So if I seem a little split (or completely schizo)next time I see you, that's the reason!

Brief update of my last time in London:
Capoeira workshops and baptizado were great, although I didn't change cords. I have, however, bought a berimbau (the main capoeira instrument, a cane strung with a wire that you pluck with a stick and a gourd at the bottom) and actually managed to learn how to play it a little bit. Parties were also great, in spite of the cold. Lots of interesting conversations at Andy's one, mainly about psychiatry, teaching and climbing. (I now know I'm a zero in climbing sense, i.e, my arm span is exactly the same as my height , which is ok although the best is to have a bigger arm span). The tower bridge seven sins and seven virtues was great as usual, with Jodi and Jane blasting the competition as a peacock (pride) and a kinky burlesque figure (lust). Those photos haven't shown up yet, but you can check past ones here.
And I also managed to work a little bit on my thesis! Feeling guilty as every extra bit of analysis I do, I get one more positive result, which for the small amount of work I'm doing is really not on... Maybe I'm paying for it with this dual life thing...


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