Friday, February 24, 2006

Quick update

No major news from here - things are moving forward, but at the snail's pace that characterizes life in Porto, at least after you've lived in London. So, I'm gradually managing to find tenants for the rooms in my house, trudging along with my thesis and slowly digging out the social life here - finally managed to go to the bar/club/art space Maus Habitos, which I heartily recommend.
Also went to see Munich the other day and was quite impressed - true, you could feel the slight grating you get from a Spielberg film, but the casting was perfect and Eric Bana in the main role was wonderful. Screenplay was from the writer(s) of Angels in America so was also very good.
Finally, Carnival is here and with it Fantasporto, the yearly Porto film festival. This year one of the themes is bollywood and I'm proud to say I have seen at least half of the films they are showing. One film I'm looking forward to is The Other Half with Vinnie Jones about an English football fan that persuades his fiancee to spend their honeymoon in Portugal so he doesn't miss the Euro 2004...
Due to Carnival streets are filled today with children dressed up in costumes - this year the sight is slightly marred by the news that a homeless man was beaten up and left to die by a group of kids in Porto.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Have finally put up a link in the sidebar to ContaNatura, the portuguese science blog on which I write every Tuesday. Although most of the posts are in Portuguese, occasionally you get something in English, like the post today.