Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Faking it

So more news since my last update - I will be working in the department of
Zoology of Cambridge University from 10th July to 8th September. So I am now looking for a room in Cambridge for that period, when I find it I then have to figure out how to transport my stuff from London to Cambridge.
This job in Cambridge is mostly secretarial, but I will also be helping to catalog the insect collection of the Zoology museum. Last month I temped for them for three days, and got a lot of positive reinforcement (which is usually an unknown experience for scientists). They liked my work so much that they created this job for me. Scientist fakes secretary was a success.
The reason I have landed in Cambridge is that I was looking for temping jobs here as well as in London, since I have good friends here,but whereas my PhD seems to count as 4 years of a waste of time in London, here they do seem to be able to perceive some of the skills I acquired. Or maybe I just got lucky with the temping agency. I am trying not to think that I am considering Cambridge as an acceptable place to live because I am growing old. Regarding permanent jobs, I did get offered one (which is always good for confidence) but decided not to take it as it was in the middle of nowhere. Anywhere that doesn't have a good selection of coffee-shops is just too extreme for me. Other jobs in the pipeline failed to come through, but have plenty to apply for, mainly in scientific publishing.
Meanwhile, once I have found a room, have to acquire the ability to work on my thesis in the evenings and weekends. Will see how that goes...


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