Sunday, October 15, 2006

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I always avoided watching the news in Portugal, because it depressed me, because it was so bad. Both what was happening in the world and the way it was presented - commentaries and interviews were particularly excruciating with people always interrupting each other and having ego trips all over the place. In Britain, news on the whole is brilliantly presented and commentaries are insightful, interviews are interesting (I particularly remember one with Bill Clinton, when he was no longer president). However, the fact that Britain is a bigger country and has more influence on world politics makes the news still more depressing to watch. However, as I am now starting a job where some knowledge of political and economical reality would be an advantage, I decided to watch the news today. After a while, I considered I had done my duty and was going to switch it off when DurĂ£o Barroso, former Portuguese prime-minister (two ministers ago) and current president of the EU. I had to turn the tv off at the second sentence he uttered: "Britain was fundamental in helping Europe get rid of communism". ?*! It didn't help, of course, that it was after an interview with David Blunkett.

The media does still offer things worth having. From the Saturday Guardian, interview with Wim Wenders. Pure poetry:

Q: What keeps you awake at night?
Wim Wenders: Sometimes worries.
Sometimes regrets.
Sometimes too much pasta.


At 2:32 pm, Blogger soneca said...

Maya, espero que tenhas guardado o Q&A do Wim Wenders. Quando tiveres mais tempo podes fotocopia-lo para mim? Beijinhos! S


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