Saturday, October 28, 2006

Still dazed but a little less confused

Location: Cambridge
London Monday to Friday

Well, so how have my first two weeks at work been? The first week was spent trying to cope with having prescribed times to work and think, and prescribed times to rest (those of you who have had office jobs for a while stop laughing now). As a lot of you know, I need frequent coffee breaks, but don't mind working weekends and Friday evenings. This is not possible in a proper job (I said, stop laughing). I HAVE to work 9 to 1, and 2 to 5.30 and am not even supposed to stop to check my personal e-mail. This means that at 1 I have to take a break, as am completely brain-dead. Fortunately, my job does require thinking (or maybe I can't do a job without thinking about it). Also very fortunately everyone at the company seems very nice, informal and you are not expected to work more than a max of 9hrs a day. The second week I had already adapted to doing a proper job, and could now try to adapt the job proper. Which is going ok, considering I have to spend my time doing phonecalls. Also adapting back to living in London, which funnily enough is being a bit hard - forgot how people never have time to meet and how far ahead you have to book things. In Cambridge, there is nothing to do but (or maybe in consequence) friends will meet you for coffee without too much fuss.
All this would be dealable with if it wasn't for the fact that I am still writing my thesis, so have to work evenings and all weekend (and am planning to reintroduce pre-work morning as well), and at the moment all I can care about is finishing one more chapter. Which I have just done. Yeay!


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