Sunday, November 05, 2006


On Saturday the 23rd of September, I was volunteering at the Antarctic Day of the Zoology Museum in Cambridge. My job was to help the kids make penguins. I finally got one of the pictures of the event, and decided to put it up here because:
- I was quite proud that I had the idea of taking pictures of the kids with their penguins, it was a shame it only occurred to me half-way through, as one kid made a 3-D penguin that wasn't recorded.
- The kid on the left was my favourite of all the ones who showed up. He has conjured up a semi-angelical face for the photo, but most of the time he was doing his penguin and directing others with a rakish lollipop stick coming out of his mouth, and looking as if he had just stepped out of Bugsy Malone. Also being extremely cheeky all the way through.
- And thirdly, because I took the picture. I really have to get myself a camera.


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