Friday, June 08, 2007

London evening

Remembering that I'm in London for other reasons besides work, and knowing that you can still do stuff here without a disposable income (my case at the moment) if you know where to look, I did a couple of hours yesterday enjoying London's culture for free. First of was meeting Aliki for an arts show that she was participating in, and that had a private view. This coincided with a gallery open day at Vyntner Street in Hackney. Several galleries full of contemporary, crazy artwok, people meeting up on the street, catching up, etc. Walked from Old Street to Cambridge Heath, i.e. including the full length of Hackney Road. Nice to discover a new (if very grotty and slightly scary) part of London.
Then a first for me - I went to a bar by myself. Ok, I only stayed for 15min as I was by now quite tired, but still nobody ate me up so definitely worth it. Also because I saw a brilliant act - Bev Lee Harling - as part of the City Showcase. It was free, and the in a nice and handy bar near Tottenham Court Road that I didn't know - the BarFly, and not crowded!
Recommended all in all.


At 6:27 pm, Blogger Luis said...

Não sabia que também havia um BarFly perto de Tottenham Court Road. Em Camden High Street também há um, durante a semana era, no meu tempo, das ultimas coisas que fechava durante a semana. As horas que eu perdi nesse pardeeiro.


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