Saturday, November 24, 2007

London hectic

Well, there is no sign of my hectic London life easing up, rather the opposite, as besides the weekends, my weeks are quite eventful as well. This is because, you guessed it, they are ... full of events! It is true, I am now responsible for part of London's cultural offering as seen by the fact that my events appear on the listings in Time Out. This week's event also appeared in the Times and will apear in the New Scientist podcast, plus Associated Press also were interviewing so who knows where that will show up. This was because it was all about computer games, and I find it all as hilarious as all of you who know I have never played a computer game in my life. And I still avoided doing it as I got one of the tech team to test the two Nintendo Wiis and games we had ahead of the event.

Very interesting stuff came out of the event and the games tested (Resident Evil and Endless Ocean) but as the event was sponsored by Nintendo and this is a public website, not sure how much I can comment.

Yes, it's true... three months into my new job and I'm actually beginning to grasp what all this politics and image of the Science Museum thing might be about. And starting to apply it as well, isn't it sad...