Sunday, January 06, 2008

Paris 10 to 14
London life has started assaulting me right away by doing its customary thing of getting me two parties to attend in one evening. Still dinner, with Lisa, John Mandeville and Jodie at home was lovely, and my mushroom risotto turned out quite well. Followed the Jamie Oliver recipe from my head, whilst looking at the River Cafe one in front of me. And my additions of course - no garlic or onion this time, but leeks instead, and celery as well. And managed to pop down to Jenny's birthday in the Hive bar in Brixton, with a very interesting find from her friend Paul:
his The School of Everything, where you can register to offer tutoring or lessons in anything, and they arrange payment from the pupils, etc. Looks great actually, shame I didn't find out about this while I was unemployed.
I have finally succumbed and joined Facebook, but am resolute to try and maintain all my updating here.


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