Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Paris trip (in construction)

Went to Le Laboratoire, and art-science space which promised more than it currently delivered. However, check out their extremely cool and sophisticated website (don't forget to mouse over the pictures). Me and a workmate were trying to figure out how they programmed it, he suggested a randomizing algorithm determining which icon advances first coupled to an "elasticating" code. Any ideas? And note the nod to geekiness in my blog, woohoo! And discovered this cool designer, Mathieu Lehaneur, who was exhibiting there.


At 12:55 pm, Blogger AxiomShell said...

Lol, ""elasticating code".
Simple Actionscript mouseover. Grid of nodes, on event pick random nodes, move to random position with a Penner easing path.
What's your Facebook name?


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