Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chicago trip part I

Things I recommend in Chicago:

- Try to visit in late spring/summer - the warm weather starts sometime during May. Lots of sudden downpours and light (by american standards) storms.
- Friends there who can show you the things locals enjoy are best of course!
- The "beach" - the part of the lake that is in Chicago
- Bars with open-air areas: I went to four in the Damen area, most of which were considered cycle bars, i.e. bars where cyclists go.

Some also had a place to park bicycles or decorations made from bicycle parts. One of the bars had ping-pong tables.

- Breakfast cafes, the ones I went to were Ballou, Atomix, Filter and Earwax.

Admire the efortlessly vintage decoration, and wonder if this in America is just considered some old bits of furniture.
You can while away the time on your laptop - all have free wireless.

- Nightclubs - worth it for the weirdness, went to two, the one on Saturday was called Musicbox. Very open lesbian scene. The ones I saw had photobooths for the drunk punters to spend money on.


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