Thursday, June 02, 2011


A note written at O'Hare airport on May 30 (and which incidentally has made me use bluetooth for the first time)

Big group of very trendy middle-aged japanese behind me at check-in. Look very different from the young japanese we see in london - for example the haircut fashion at the moment is obviously a short very structured bob, preferrably with a bit of wave. Nothing else to do in the hour-long queue for border control except people-watch. And of course be worried you won't be let into the country - people are much tenser than in a  border queue in the uk. 

Travel by elevated train from airport to my friend's house.  Lovely old-looking train stations, everything in this area looks from the 50s at the latest.

My friend lives in a equally lovely old house in an area called the Ukrainian Village.
We had a wonderful barbeque in the outside area on the day I arrived. I managed to last until 9pm (1am UK time) before crashing out.

The house has some wonderful vintage furniture, examples coming up soon.


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