Saturday, July 09, 2011

Chicago tips part III

- Clothes shopping - both in the main american stores in the centre, and the more alternative (but less strange than London) stores around Milwaukee/Division
- Generally observe the people, the architecture,
the advertising  

the food menus 

and the shops - all worth an attentive look!

- Money to spend - Chicago is after all a major city in an economic super-power. Food, because of tax and tipping, is same price as in London. Clothes and transport are cheaper because of the good exchange rate.
- Do Division, or another of the summer street festivals that start in the first weekend in June

And things I didn't get to do but by all accounts are worthwhile

- Going around by bicycle

- A proper brunch in a recommended place
- A dip in the lake
- Jazz and blues clubs
- Free open-air concerts
- Try the local beers - this is a quite "hoppy" one (I had a taste) that is usually served with a slice of orange that you squeeze into the beer before drinking. I tried it before the orange squirt.


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